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July 1, 2020 - Part III - Peace Be Still

“Master, the tempest is raging

The billows are tossing high

The sky is o'er shadowed with blackness

No shelter or help is nigh

We endure the wrath 

Of the storm-tossed sea

Caused by demons of men

Or whatever they be

But, I can see the arc of the moral universe 

Finally bending to justice’s will 

I can see a hurricane’s eye where the master commands

Peace be still, peace be still...”

Written by James Cleveland (1962); Modified by The Raphael Project (2020)

I have found some peace.  The current president has been very successful in gaslighting all people of good will to the point of their insanity.  Every day a new outrage is gleefully tweeted while republicans showed outward “dismay” but inward giggling satisfaction.  Many hours of income has been spent on therapists of this country with the hopes of making it to November 2020 without a drastic mental breakdown.  But then, this president was presented with an situation that could not be spun or lied through.  And, that is when truth was made clear to all.  I will warn you now:  I feel my peace is going to become totally obnoxious soon.  I hope to never ever enter the “I Told You So” zone, even though the temptation will be overwhelming.

Let us think about this for a moment.  This president’s outrageous crookedness has been on “10” since way before his election in 2016.  “Access Hollywood”, “Stormy Daniels”, attempted Muslim bans, locking lonely children in cages at the borders, the Russia love, his fighting with U.S. allies, his admiration of any and all dictators, the Mueller Investigation, the Ukraine scandal leading to his impeachment, his phony trade wars with China and whoever else, his open white supremacy love, and I’ll just stop there (but you know I could keep going with more of his nonsense until November 3rd).  What do all of these have in common?  None of them tangibly touched me or you or most everyone in the country.  We should all be mentally angered and sickened by it all, but when could everyone feel actual consequences in their lives?  This is lazily why he could always enjoy a floor of approval at around 36% (not great, of course, but, given his wickedness, you would hope his poll numbers would crash into the 20’s).  Until the coronavirus...

First, he dismissed it.  Then, he tried to wish it away.  All in the hopes of keeping the stock market from crashing (his uninformed barometer of how good the U.S. economy is doing).  Then, as the situation spiraled, he ran away from all responsibility, leaving the governors on their own.  Unlike his other sh!t, everyone (in some way) feels this one.  If you didn’t get sick, you probably know someone who did.  If you didn’t lose your job, you probably know someone who did.  There should be months of renewed shutdowns coming, sheltering everyone into their homes.  Oh, what difference it makes when a problem in this country effects its citizens directly!

And, now, he cannot and will not get out of this.  He and his dumb GOP-ers aggressively rushed their citizens to “get back to normal” as Dr. Fauci (among many other Ph.D-ed scientists) warned him, all governors, and citizens that rushing could lead to disaster.  Disaster is indeed here.  And, do you remember when a certain turtle like senator proclaimed no more federal help is needed as New York, Michigan, and California (to name only a few) were being ravaged...with his infamous “Blue State Bailout” line?  Hmmm, how you like me now?  Hello, Texas, Florida, Arizona, Georgia (to name only a few)!  How’s that taste now?  And, STILL, no plan for improved testing, no central plan on mitigating the illness and eventually tip-toeing the economy “open”.  In a completely stupid effort, to get the economy on a seemingly better trajectory by November, they have no prolonged this recession/depression indefinitely.

And, I sit here, with zero humility, observing with sad and morbid joy.  The consequences are set up to be epic.  The Democratic membership in the House is going to grow.  Please, remember these senate races and hold me to account if the Democrats do not win them all:  AZ, CO, GA (both seats), IA, ME, MT, NC, SC, and TX.  If “Rich Mitch” does not get another round of stimulus passed (which is inconceivable to me, but...), add KY and KS to the list. (

It is this issue and this issue alone for November.  All other “stuff” (Criminal and Racial Justice, Russian bounties, Health Care, the Supreme about that John Roberts, by the way(?), the Ukraine redux, ANYTHING ELSE) are just noise acting as content for cable news and my mother-in-all to talk about every night at dinner.

Well, except...

END of PART III (Which was just a long preamble to:  PART IV - “The Fight Against L.C.S.”) 

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