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June 3, 2018 - The Founders Have Failed

Democracy is dying because Republicans don’t want democracy.  In 1998, they impeach a President for lying about a marital affair while their Speaker is simultaneously having his own while his wife is dying of brain cancer.  In 2000, they steal an election with a minority of votes with the deciding state governed by their candidate’s brother.   In 2016, they steal a Supreme Court seat.  Later, in 2016, they steal the presidency, again, with a minority of votes clearly aided by a hostile foreign country.  And, now, corruption is openly running rampant in most, if not all, cabinet agencies without any oversight from a Republican Congress that held nonsense hearings every single day that Obama was in office.  Checks and balances only works when the branches are willing to check.  Not here, not now.  And, mark my words, they will do EVERYTHING they can steal the 2018 midterms and 2020 after that via voter suppression laws and tactics, foreign help, and means we do not even know.   Face it:  the white privileged founders of this country have failed.  But, so have we citizens, because we are not rioting in the streets right now and will not riot after the November election thievery.  We are too focused on our own personal well-being and not the country’s (which is the way it is supposed to work because we are supposed to have representatives for that).   I will repeat democracy is dying.  More accurately, it is being smothered with a pillow by a party who believes only in power not democracy.  End of rant...

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