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Part IV - The LCS Offensive

I have returned.  After finding “my peace”, I have sat back since my last rant and waited.  Several times (I do mean SEVERAL times), I was moved to comment on the news of the time and launch into my much-hyped “Part Four - L.C.S.” chapter.  Each time, I decided to wait.  Each time, I decided to delight in the glory of the deserved house afire that steadily engulfs the evil-doers.  The four most-Trumpian governors (AZ, FL, GA, TX) are helplessly watching the reckoning.  The current president desperately attempts to change the subject to anything...ANYTHING (“Let’s get a big crowd in Tulsa...whoops”,  “Let’s stand up for the Confederacy...”, “Now, would be a good time to set my bagman Roger Stone free...”) he hoped could distract from his complete failure.  But, the die is cast.  There is no reversing the results.  Fauci was right.  Science wins.  And, the current president will never get this stink off of him.  His GOP enablers finally will pay electorally for their almost four years of Faustian bargaining.  Democles’ sword is penetrating their skin.  And, it is only going to get worse for them all.  Yes, I watch in peace.  It is admittedly a demonic peace because the suffering of some innocents is real.  But, this is the wreckage that must be swum through, so those that held their nose because they just could not vote for “Her” may think twice when wondering next time:  “What do we have to lose?”

So, this is an epic blue wave coming.  But, would the world be right if I did not find reason for worry?  Well, rest easy, the planet still spins on its axis correctly.  The election is over...if elections were always fair.  The GOP is not a party of “conservative” thinkers.  There might be some small percentage of their membership who believe and act to bring about “high minded” principles.  But, they are primarily a party built on the need to gain and keep their power to exercise their three true principles:  Selfishness (masked as “Individualism”), Greed and Racism.  I will dive deeper into them and these principles in a separate future rant.  For now, our worry, as they crash and burn, is their willingness to win by any means necessary.  They try to make the world believe their motto is “Less Government, More Freedom”.  Really, they have become a party who will Lie, Cheat, and/or Steal (LCS) whether necessary or not.  Democrats must be ready for the ultimate LCS offensive this election season.  The GOP has never had their backs against the wall like this while at the same time having a lifelong brazen LCS practitioner as their leader.  From now until this November is when every dirty trick they have will come into play.  Let’s look at this a little closer.

Lies (L)

It is no secret to anyone (not even his most loyal Fox News watching, white supremacist MAGA loyalists) that the current president is liar.  Not a spin master.  Not an exaggerator.  Not just a con-man.  He is a liar (full stop).  And, the GOP being in league with him is an inevitable pairing that has its origin in 1990 with the sperm to the egg being Newt Gingrich.  That party has been rotting since 1964 (with the passage of the Civil Rights Act).  Their lying has become ever more fantastic every day since Bill Clinton was elected.  Some examples:  (1) Vince Foster; (2) Weapon of Mass Destruction; (3) John Kerry and the “Swift boat” attack; (4) Barack Obama is really a Kenyan Muslim (by the way, even it was true, what the eff is so wrong with that?); (5) “We will repeal AND REPLACE Obamacare (no “replacement” health system ever existed);  and, (6) “Tax cuts will pay for themselves” in 2017.  But, now, I predict these are coming: (a) GOP-led states are already under reporting COVID infections and deaths.  However, we are shifting into overdrive on these lies (; (b) A vaccine will be invented before November.  It will be a fake and a lie, but they would try to clean up that mess after the election and, somehow, blame it on Dr. Fauci and the Democrats.  Do not be surprised if Dr. Fauci contracts an illness between today and October 15th and needs to be hospitalized (so he could not debunk any bogus miracle elixir).

Cheat (C)

Extreme gerrymandering is already in place.  Voter suppression in several states is already law (GA, FL, OH, NC, PA are just off the top of my head).  The wait in lines to vote on November 3rd in Democratic-leaning districts in the above states (and so many more) will be record-setting.  Because of GOP screw-ups, COVID will still be raging on Election Day.  Every effort to prevent safe “mail-in” voting will be employed.  Any state with a republican Secretary of State cannot be given the benefit of the doubt on counting mail-in and absentee ballots.  Anything Russia can possibly do to help Trump is already underway with more to come.  And, i am sure there are cheating tactics which have not even come to our minds yet.

Steal (S)

If November is close at all in electoral college votes, our favorite couple in MO holding assault weapons as a BLM march passed their house will be just an example of their depraved sense of loyalty to power and facism itself.  You are very correct in describing these times we are living as “biblical”.  I can see the Book of Revelations unfolding if the extreme is now.  However, I am choosing to have some faith in the “Deep State”.  The military will not blindly follow en mass a defeated president who clearly cares nothing about them.  The Secret Service will do the right thing and kindly usher the 45th president out of the People’s House onto Black Lives Matter Plaza.

But, here is a “steal” situation that has lately given me reason not to sleep lately.  We know Mitch McConnell is not above stealing a Supreme Court seat.  Clarence Thomas is an egotistical GOP loyalist.  He is also 72-years old.  He would be a forever god to the conservatives if he were to retire before November (especially if the polls point to a democratic landslide, which i believe they will).  And, there is absolutely NOTHING the Democrats could do to stop the current president and Mitch McConnell from filling that vacancy.*

Note* - This was originally written before the news of RBG’s infection, hospitalization and cancer recurrence.  Please pray some “Hail Marys” with me:  “...Hail Mary, Full of Grace, The Lord is with Thee...”

In my next screed, I hope to have researched and developed some action items for us as right-minded citizens to counteract the GOP’s mother of all LCS offensives.

And, finally, a VP update:

My previous ranking was:

1. Kamala - But, almost too obvious choice;

2. Keisha Bottoms - This choice would be unbelievably risky, so she (and her family) must pass the vetting process (“extreme vetting”, if you will).  This pick could shake up the world.  This pick would win GA, NC and FL , in my opinion (though voter suppression would have to be overcome in all three);

3. Gretchen Whitmer - There would be bad press for a week for not picking a black woman.  Then, we would go back to Trump vs Biden being the focus.  As long as Grandpa does not show too many symptoms of senility, we win and she will be the first female president eventually

4. Tammy Duckworth - Possibly the safest choice he could make

Here is where I stand today (7/18/20).  Again, this is what I think he WILL do.  My “SHOULD” do will come afterwards:

1. Susan Rice - Okay, I admit that my crush on her might be blinding me a tad.  But, Joe Biden knows what a VP should be...someone, like himself, who can take over the presidency right now.  Joe’s biggest fear (even in the current pandemic circumstance) is someone green to foreign policy matters needing to make basically “life/death” decisions.  For domestic issues, the president has a plethora of close advisors, plus Congress must be involved.  But, a military decision lies uniquely as the president’s and the president’s alone responsibility.  He knows Susan Rice and knows there is no one else in his top tier of choices who fits this criteria.  Biden is on his way to a possible landslide (🤞🏾).  He does not need to pick someone for political electoral purposes.  Damn the Benghazi, full speed ahead;

2. Kamala Harris - Still the kinda obvious choice.  However, Grandpa will want a VP to not start campaigning for the 2024 Democratic nomination on November 4th.  Unfortunately, and fairly or not, Kamala will have that speculation all over her from day one.  But, how does this sound? “Dateline - February 4th, 2021; Former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and former Attorney General William Barr have been indicted on numerous Federal charges of corruption, campaign finance violations and tax fraud.  Current Attorney  General Kamala Harris stated that “the rule of law is the rule of law, and no one can be considered above it...”.  A side note, though.  Due to Tammy Duckworth’s  deft blazing of the pathetically stupid Tucker Carlson, Kamala is no longer the “obvious choice”.  So, if he did pick her, it could manufacture more excitement than it would have a month ago;

3. Tammy Duckworth - As I stated a few weeks back, she is probably his “safest” choice.  She is a “person of color”.  She has the military service.  She lost two legs for her country.  She is completely immune from any attack from any GOP and/or far right smearing machine.  I don’t know about her ability to reduce grown men to weeping with her oratory skill, but her entire story is inspiring to the masses of non-white supremacists;

4. Elizabeth Warren - This would be the boldest pick, completely contrary to the “do no harm” philosophy.  But, her appeal to progressives is obvious.  She is ready for the presidency (I believe).  She and Grandpa would together represent the “bridge” to the Democrats’ next generation of leaders.  And, it would be a bold statement for the party and country of the direction for the future.  If he did this, his internal polling is telling him he has this election “in the bag” already.  It would, however, produce a heavier lift for winning as many Senate seats as possible.

BmkaR Pick:  Susan Rice

Let us conclude with a shoutout for RBG:  

“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name...”

P.S.  God bless John Lewis...we’ll win this one for you and Elijah (Cummings) 😢

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